Welcome to Smart Energy Planet!

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. Decades in the making, Smart Energy Planet is an educational Non Profit organization with the mission of Saving The Planet One House At A Time by promoting sustainable building practices in new construction and in the renovation of both existing residential and commercial properties.

A collation of Green Building organization leaders and industry experts, energy wise activists and ordinary people, we share a common concern for the health and well-being of our families and friends, communities and nations.

The good news is that with rise of new technologies, not to mention incentives an rebates there’s never been a better time to start going Green!  The availability of often inexpensive yet effective alternatives to costly energy waist makes educating the public in regards to their best options the Smart thing to do.

Some important considerations include:

  • Simple steps to weatherstripping doors and windows.
  • Benefits and choices regarding added attic and wall insulation.
  • Energy audits options such as blower door and duct blaster tests to determine leakage.
  • Shell or air sealing your home’s envelope decreasing air conditioning waste.
  • Great alternatives to traditional home heating and cooling such as mini split heat pumps.
  • Energy efficient appliances.
  • Managing plug load from electrical devices
  • Real time electrical usage monitors to identify problem areas.
  • Building science behind treating the whole house as a system.