Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 6.46.58 PMSmart Energy Planet Projects include the distribution of eMonitors at SEP discount prices via our partnership with EnergyCircle.

eMonitor equipment and service lets you view your home’s 24×7, minute-by-minute electricity use, electricity cost, and carbon footprint, as well as historical information by day, month, or year, all in a password protected web site, with an exceptional graphical interface anywhere you can access the Internet, including an iOS App.

eMonitors go far beyond just your current usage and displaying the raw data it collects from your house — the eMonitor service analyzes your usage and presents information in aggregate and in detail in a number of ways that help you understand how your home is using energy, what it all means, and importantly: what you can change in order to use the energy you need, efficiently, effectively, and smartly.


Another SEP member project is a Near Zero Energy Demonstration House in Citrus Heights CA.  Under the auspices of GreenEarthEquities Sacramento an energy wise renovation team replaced the roof, completed an attic seal including removing all existing insulation and replacing it with R-60 cellulose. They also utilized spray foam under the house and installed a vapor barrier. All existing aluminum single pain windows and sliding glass doors were replaced with energy efficient dual pane. Solar was added to achieve a goal of 70% energy savings.


Other upcoming SEP projects include the Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP) in Citrus Heights and Danville CA.