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Receive a 10% SEP discount from our friends at Energy Circle! The eMonitor is the most accessible and comprehensive residential home energy monitoring system on the market combining circuit-by-circuit detail, easy expansion, cloud storage, and exceptional analytics.

Product Description

The new iteration of the  Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor (eMonitor 4) improves on the world’s best whole-house, circuit-by-circuit energy monitoring and management system by adding a host of design enhancements including wireless connectivity, easy expansion, as well as a  sleeker modular design and easier installation.

Not Just Another Hardware Based Electricity Monitor

eMonitor is a service that lets you view your home’s 24×7, minute-by-minute electricity use, electricity cost, and carbon footprint, as well as historical information by day, month, or year, all in a password protected web site, with an exceptional graphical interface anywhere you can access the Internet, including an iOS App.

eMonitor goes far beyond just your current usage and displaying the raw data it collects from your house — the eMonitor service analyzes your usage and presents information in aggregate and in detail in a number of ways that help you understand how your home is using energy, what it all means, and importantly: what you can change in order to use the energy you need, efficiently, effectively, and smartly.

Not Just Data: Information You Can Use

Bruce, a customer, reports “After about 3 weeks of monitoring my home w/ eMonitor, I am totally sold on its value.  It has helped me sort out our rather co-mingled wiring, find where the “phantom” loads are (and even a leak to ground), and identify just what devices are costing us.  It has been eye opening – and I’m in the energy efficiency business. Has fascinated my family and colleagues and helped us to look for even more saving opportunities and habit changes.”

While other stand-alone hardware solutions provide a snapshot of your usage at any given moment, the eMonitor service collects data and stores it over time so that you can see how your home operates as a system.  No other energy monitoring system comes close to the level of detail, analysis and actionable information that the eMonitor service can provide.

Circuit-by-Circuit Detail

The cutting-edge feature of the eMonitor service is its capability to display electricity use by individual circuit so you can see real-time and historical information of everything using energy, not just major appliances, entertainment centers, and air conditioning, but also the circuits you may not have realized are actually a significant part of your home’s energy usage.

In addition to storing detailed historical data on electrical usage, the service keeps you continuously up to speed on your home’s energy usage by providing you with a broad set of alerts, sent by email or text message.  For example if circuits are overloaded, if there are problems with appliances or your renewable sources, if your electricity usage is unusual, or if your energy bills are approaching a threshold (set by you).

How It Works

The new eMonitor4 hardware is now split to more easily fit inside the electrical panel itself and remove the need to complicated wiring.  The eMonitor4 base unit goes inside the panel and transmit wirelessly to the eMonitor gateway which in turn connects to your home’s WiFi network.  Each module can record the usage and other data from the electrical circuits in your house.  The eMonitor hardware is very flexible and easily installed near to your home’s electrical service entrance.

Each eMonitor configuration comes with hardware to monitor a number of “channels” — typically a channel is the same as one of your electrical circuits.  But eMonitor is flexible enough to handle cases like 240v “unbalanced” circuits, several smaller circuits “bundled” into a single channel, sub-panels, larger services with multiple panels (e.g. 400a, 600a, etc), panels in different locations, inputs from solar, wind, generators and almost any electrical configuration found in North American homes having Single Phase electrical services.

Most American homes can be covered with one eMonitor4-24, which includes hardware for two 120v mains, and 22 additional channels. Additional configurations are available for homes of all sizes; we’ve seen installations that use only a few channels to one that strings together half a dozen systems to measure a multi-family co-housing development.

The eMonitor is also equipped to integrate with some wi-fi enabled thermostats, and will have future capability to remotely control individual outlets through smart plugs, and may integrate with many existing home control systems. Planned future enhancements also include the ability to monitor other energy sources such as natural gas and home heating oil.

What You’ll Need

The eMonitor modules allow a wide range of configurations.  In a typical home, there’s a single main service panel with two main wires (“phases”), each carrying 120v.  The mains distribute power to individual circuits — usually from one 120v phase.  Larger loads like dryers, air handlers, ranges, and so on use power from each of the two phases to have a single 240v circuit.

The eMonitor hardware has a fixed number of “channels” — 2 are needed for the main phases, and in a simple configuration one channel for each 120v circuit and each “balanced” 240v circuit — 2 channels are needed for unbalanced 240v circuits such as dryers and water heaters.  We recommend monitoring each circuit separately, but there are cases where you can “bundle” two or three circuits into a single channel.  Circuits not monitored will be recorded as a single measurement labeled as “unmonitored power”.

Here are some example configurations and the basic monthly service license fees:

Service Type: Configuration 2-year Pre-Paid Service Monthly Service
Basic Monitoring Up to 14 circuits per home.Up to 24 circuits per homeUp to 44 circuits per home $173$240$324 $7.99$10.99$14.99
Expanded Monitoring Additional sets of 24 circuits (each) $108 $4.99
Renewable Power Generation Includes all renewable sources in home $108 $4.99


**The eMonitor requires a seperate 2-year software service agreement, which is sold through PowerHouse Dyanmics during system registration.  The service agreement can be pre-paid for the full two years for a slight discount, or can be paid monthly using a major credit card.  Service covers proactive monitoring and alerts, free software upgrades, unlimited data storage, and more. For more information see our eMonitor Q&A page.

*The Renewable monitoring license enables monitoring and separate display of inputs from renewable energy sources.  Significant additional functionality is enabled through this license so it is highly recommended if your home is powered by solar panels or wind.  The Renewable monitoring license is not needed for power inputs like backup generators. The “s” models are used for sub-panels, or to allow monitoring additional circuits on a larger service panel and therefore can only be purchased to extend a system, but cannot be used on their own.