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SEP is proud to announce the expansion of the Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP). Due to CHERP’s unprecedented success in Claremont CA, as of December 2013 we’re privileged to extend our non profit status and expertise, as well as energy wise renovation and marketing experience, in launching dozens of regional CHERPs in counties and cities throughout CA and beyond.

The Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP) is a volunteer non-profit organization that was created to eliminate the barriers to success of our critical, national, energy efficiency goals. CHERP is engaged in a comprehensive, replicable, community-wide program to help achieve aggressive goals for improved energy efficiency in buildings through education about the impact of buildings on greenhouse gas emissions and the many benefits that accrue to building owners and cities from retrofitting buildings.  This program has now developed into an unprecedented community-based, state-wide collaborative effort by practicing the motto of “radical inclusion” and uniting as many homeowners, businesses, community organizations, and city governments as possible in the laser-sharp goal of retrofitting buildings on a massive scale. CHERP unites young and old, professional and amateur, student and professor, public and private organizations around our desire to effect significant, immediate, and positive change in our communities and the environment. And we believe that “Energy is at the Heart of the Matter”.

CHERP has found that a true, grass-roots, city and community engagement program must be in place for wide-spread action to occur. For Homeowners by the thousands to actually commit to investing the time and the money to retrofit their buildings, they must be educated in the power and multiple benefits of energy efficiency. A fully engaged city – with multiple points of engagement – is the only solution to inspiring action because there are only local solutions to this enormous global challenge.

As proof of concept, CHERP Claremont has become one of the most successful green renovation programs in the country.  Phase 1 completed energy wise retrofits in over 1% of the homes.  Phase 2 is targeting 10%!


CHERP Strategy and Goals

The Problem:

We are facing an energy crisis. Relying on fossil fuels to power our economy is raising the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is driving climate change and global warming. To achieve a sustainable society we have to develop renewable energy sources and reduce our use of fossil fuels. The most important resource we have to achieve those goals  is energy efficiency. Most houses and other buildings are much less energy efficient than we think, wasting on average 50-60% of the energy they use.

The Solution:

In the United States, buildings consume 48% of the total energy used (primary and embodied) and produce 44% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S.  In Claremont, residential buildings use 80% of the total energy consumed. Therefore, to comply with California’s energy reduction goals, California and states throughout the the U.S. have to improve the energy efficiency of its residential buildings..

 The Goal:

The goal of CHERP is to help homeowners reduce the energy consumption of their homes by making effective whole-house energy-efficiency improvements. CHERP’s Phase I goal is to complete deep energy retrofits on 1% of the single-family homes in each CHERP region (County and/or City).  Phase 2 targets 10% etc. Click here to download “What Is CHERP?” PDF (3 pages)

For information on CHERP Sacramento click here.

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