• Welcome to Smart Energy Planet!

    Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. Decades in the making, Smart Energy Planet is an educational Non Profit organization with the mission of Saving The Planet One House At A Time by promoting sustainable building practices in new construction and in the renovation of both existing residential and commercial properties. A collation… [Continue Reading]

    Welcome to Smart Energy Planet!
  • Building A Better Future

    People are Earth’s greatest resource.  As such it’s our privilege and responsibility to join together and find ways to promote healthy and comfortable, affordable and sustainable lifestyle practices to insure the brightest possible future. SEP provides a forum for those interested in making a difference today for a better tomorrow. Our board and advisory team… [Continue Reading]

    Building A Better Future
  • Better Together

    Our use of resources effects us all.  Thankfully, when we work together even small changes to where and how we live can have a great impact.  From simple steps in weatherizing our homes in an effort to minimize waist to monitoring and regulating usage to maximize cost savings, we can make a world of difference.… [Continue Reading]

    Better Together
  • Efficiency Is A Smart Choice

    Building and remodeling homes to be healthy and energy efficient not only makes “dollars and sense” but is the right thing to do. From saving money and resources to creating jobs and revitalizing  neighborhoods, green construction and renovation is as cost effective as it is a great way to insure comfort and quality of life.… [Continue Reading]

    Efficiency Is A Smart Choice
  • Goals And Objectives

    The current climate, economic as well as environmental, makes this perfect moment to take steps towards energy conservation.  Knowing that “Failing to plan is planning to fail” is a good motivation for taking the time to develop a strategy for change.  Green is a great color on each of us and by combining our talents… [Continue Reading]

    Goals And Objectives
  • Great People And Ideas

    SEP is always on the lookout to partner with individuals and organizations in promoting the best new energy wise projects and industry innovations.  If you’ve got a Green Heart or great idea please don’t hesitate to let us know. Whether you’re an industry expert of just a caring individual concerned about saving money and the… [Continue Reading]

    Great People And Ideas