CHERP Sacramento

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 8.11.27 AMProgram Overview

CHERP is an acronym for “Community Home Energy Retrofit Program”. CHERP was first introduced in Claremont Ca. and has become the most successful residential energy-efficient retrofit program in the country where over 1% of their stock of single family homes has lowered energy use in excess of 20% “exceeding” goals established by AB-32.

Over a two year period the city of Claremont completed 175 deep energy retrofits with energy-reductions ranging from 25% to 45%. Claremont’s current inventory of CHERP homes is reducing the city’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by over 227 Metric Tons of CO2. Greenhouse reductions will continue to expand annually with the completion of additional CHERP retrofit projects.

CHERP has delivered significant job and economic growth including over $2.6 million from retrofit upgrades and over $600,000 in utility rebates to help homeowners offset costs associated with energy-efficient improvements. The city of Claremont is now benefiting from a “new source” of revenue from consumer discretionary spending generated from the monthly savings from lower utility bills. The City is also receiving increased sales tax from the goods and services required to complete the retrofits and from higher property taxes from increased home values. Claremont provided $35,000 in grant funds to incentivize participating homeowners and waived building permit fees to streamline and reduce renovation costs to homeowners. Over a 2-year period Claremont has received nearly a 100 to 1 return from a $35,000 investment.

Similar to the “Cool California Challenge” CHERP is a volunteer effort utilizing a broad range of business professionals, community organizations, utility companies, and interested citizens and homeowners to form a CHERP “core-group” to provide public awareness and consumer education allowing participants to maximize energy-efficiency and to minimize the overall cost of improvements. Consumer education is focused on helping consumers learn how to identify and access the most viable financing programs allowing them to participate even if their home values are “underwater” or their credit is less than “perfect” and to learn how to maximize utility rebates to help offset the cost of energy-efficient home improvements.

The Founder of CHERP, Devon Hartman, appointed me to serve as CHERP’s “Sacramento Regional Director” currently an un-paid volunteer position. The goal is to expand CHERP to the 22-Cites and 6-Counties that comprise the Greater Sacramento Region. We are preparing to launch CHERP in Placer County sometime between Dec. 15th and the 10th of January.

A recently completed “Deep Energy Retrofit” at 7640 Taurus Ct. in Citrus Heights will be featured as a CHERP “Case Study” to teach homeowners about the wide range of energy-efficient measures available to reduce energy and to lower utility bills. Taurus Ct. is a 2,200 S.F. home built in 1958. The average monthly PG&E Gas bill prior to the retrofit averaged $75 and the SMUD Electric bill averaged $300. The “combined” PG&E and SMUD bills for May-June 2013 were $23.64 … a monthly savings of $351. This represents nearly 94% in combined monthly savings allowing an extra $351 per month to be “re-directed” back into the local economy. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has expressed an interest in developing a residential  “Net-Zero Energy Demonstration Project” located in the Sacramento Region to provide public outreach and consumer education about the value and benefits associated with “Deep Energy Retrofits”. CHERP plans to partner with the DOE to provide expanded awareness and consumer education throughout the Greater Sacramento Region.

Contact: Jack Frost, Sacramento Regional Director for CHERP / 916-616-7962c /